About BBIK

BBIK, established in the year 2001 by the approval of the Ministry of Education, has been providing excellent opportunities for students making progress across all areas of learning. We provide a complete child-centered learning environment through our ‘Play way Method’ rendered by our qualified teachers and staff in which children enter brimming with excitement. Students are captivated and inspired by a range of stimulating imaginative and exciting educational opportunities.

Our prime aim is for children to be happy and to have fun within the school environment along with reaching their potential with us academically, socially and emotionally. We enhance their every little step, for we believe that children are like buds-tender and sensitive: when nurtured with love, care, and impeccable value systems, they bloom into blossoms that beautify the world.

On a regular basis, BBIK has been awarded certification from the Ministry of Education and ‘Sor Mor Sor’ – Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (a public organization) after meeting high-quality standards set by both the institutions.

BBIK’s essence lies in striking a balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Therefore, our curriculum is designed to suit the requirements of a child in the areas of language, literacy, mathematics, knowledge/understanding, physical development, creative enhancement, social/emotional enrichment, special subjects, expeditions/events and parent communication.

Welcome to our “abode of love!”